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We are here to help link shops, drivers, techs, and fleet management firms with resources that are specific to this industry.

All aspects of railroad maintence industry including:

  • hirail trucks (Hyrail, Hi-rail, High rail, Hy-rail)
  • maintence of way (MOW) vehicles
  • boom trucks
  • bridge service vehicles
  • all shops that service these vehicles
  • classifieds specific to this industry

Use this site to:

  • Link qualified repair shops with those in need of service
  • Drivers or management firms will be able to find service in the location of a vehicle
  • Find a shop
  • Available reviews of shop service quality
  • Helpful information to repair shops in our network. i.e. parts/service bulletins, parts sources, service/tech info
  • Shops will be able to add and edit there own profiles and info pages
  • Drivers/operators will be able to log in and track maintenance and repairs of their vehicles

We believe this website will be an invaluable tool to everyone involved in this industry.



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